The Amazing Combination

The new Oxygen OS is now available on the new Oneplus 9R as a free upgrade from the old model. The previous model of the smartphone was replaced by the Oxygen OS 4.5 which brought several useful improvements. The one feature which has received the most praise from many users is the user friendly notification system. The notifications on this handset are extremely easy to use and understand. As a result, they can get your day started without any problems.

The Oxygen OS 4.5 has been designed in oneplus 9rsuch a way that it suits all age groups, even kids. Even for a kid, who is not so adept with his mobile phones, the oneplus 9r review would suggest that it is a simple program to use and install. The user interface has been designed keeping in mind the various requirements of a child. A very helpful feature of this OS is the inbuilt translator which allows you to send and receive text messages in either Hindi or English.

The Oneplus 9R review is incomplete without mentioning the useful extras that the manufacturer’s new smartphone comes with. For instance, there is a dedicated dialer application which makes it possible for you to enter numbers by simply pressing a button on the home key. You can use this function when you have an unknown caller. The excellent camera built into this handset allows you to take great pictures of your friends, family or of beautiful places. The one big disadvantage of the Oneplus 9R might be the lack of RAM but this is a problem that can be sorted out by upgrading the existing hardware. The increase in RAM is however, a process which requires the installation of an additional card.

The Oneplus 9R has a unique dual camera design. The first is the front cam which is used to capture photos. The other camera is fitted in the palm of the hand which is used to shoot the video. Android operating system of the handset comes preinstalled with the applications which allow the user to browse through the contacts, find information of emails and perform various tasks. Oxygen OS is a customized user interface which was specially developed by HTC India to work as per the specifications and tastes of the users in the global market. The excellent multi-orientation interface enables you to perform various tasks quite easily which includes navigation through the different panes of the windows.

Oneplus has provided a number of innovative features in the form of applications like HTC Sense. HTC Sense provides a simplified user interface with simplified menu and navigation which makes it easy to perform all the basic functions. The most notable difference among the standard HTC devices and this handset is the presence of a 2 mega pixel camera module. The camera module in this device has been developed by HTC itself which provides an improved clarity and image quality. Many users have appreciated the extra feature of HTC Sense and consider it as a good companion in their daily lives.

Oneplus has once again done something amazing by integrating 2 imaging modes in its new device the Oneplus 9R. First, there is the regular image mode which takes an average picture in the current mode. Second, there is the photo snap mode in which you can take a picture of your own scene or that of the object/person/etc. With such stunning features in a snap, it is no wonder that the Oneplus 9R has become one of the most sought after mobiles from the people who are looking for the best combination of technology and usability.